10 Harsh Truths Which No One Faces

Time is our most valuable asset, much more so than any material thing. Yet we waste so much of our time in keeping up pretences and not accepting the truth about ourselves and our life in general. Read on if you want to shake off this false state and start living your life to the fullest.

1.Wake up from your slumber of invincibility. You are mortal and your time on Earth is limited. Better start utilizing it with things that really matter. Everyone you know is mortal too. You never know when it might be too late to say sorry or make amends.

2.Money won’t make you happy. Money won’t give you happiness; it can only enhance what you already have. True happiness comes from non-materialistic assets. In the same strand of thought: Giving monetary help is good, giving someone your time is better.

3.Running after happiness is as good as running away from it. Stop thinking that that one particular goal you achieve would give you happiness. Also, you can’t make everyone else happy, it’s up to them so stop bending over backwards for the happiness of others.

4.Being good at what you do is commendable, but you need not be too hard on yourself. Success and your achievements won’t matter on your deathbed.

5.Your feelings are as much important as your thoughts and need acknowledgment. Don’t suppress your feelings in the name of logic or intellectual thinking.

6.Actions are always more prominent than words. Instead of thinking of what you can achieve, you need to start working on it. Even if you are immensely talented, it won’t matter if you don’t give something your constant effort.

7.Your past and your future are of no consequence whatsoever if you don’t utilize your present. Nobody cares to listen to a sob story. Put everything aside and keep working hard for your present.

8.It is not selfish to focus on yourself. If you can’t be content and whole within yourself, you can’t help anybody else.

9.It does not matter what events happen to you, whether good or tragic. It is how you react to them that shape you as a person. The same boiling water softens the potato while it hardens the egg. So instead of lamenting why only bad things happen to you, start looking at them as stepping Stones for your character development.

10.Lastly, and most important of all, start valuing your time. As I said before, you can never recover lost time, it is your most precious and invaluable asset that you own. Stop wasting it on momentary pursuits and pleasures, and think of the bigger things. Once you realize what you are really meant to be, what your purpose in life is, these trivial pursuits would start losing their appeal to you.

All of us already know these facts yet we are reluctant to accept them and keep them locked up. It is now time to acknowledge them and start working on ourselves.