10 Reasons Why Dating a Scorpio Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

A relationship with a Scorpio will be one of romance and intense passion.  They understand the needs of the other and always put all they have into the relationship. Here are 10 reasons why dating one will be the best decision you will ever make!

10 Reasons Why Dating a Scorpio Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

1.They’re incredibly intense

Scorpios, meaning their personality, resemble an emotional rollercoaster, so the relationship will always be exciting and enjoyable.

2.They’re virtually fearless

Scorpios are more likely to get out of uncomfortable or intimidating situations than others due to their tendency to refuse to quit!  This is quite good for their partners, as they will never walk away easily even if the relationship hits a rough patch.

3.They’re highly protective

Scorpios are highly protective individuals who tend to defend their partners to a great degree.  Their partners will always feel safe emotionally, mentally, and physically as Scorpios consider them as part of themselves and will do anything to protect them.

4.They’re passionate

Scorpios typically reveal their passionate side when following their instincts.  They are quite confident and curious and their passion can be felt in much more loving ways than their typical intensity will be.

5.They are more sexual than most people

Scorpios are more sexual than most people, mostly due to their intensity. They have natural sexual energy, so just enjoy it!

6.They’re selfless

Being sensitive and selfless, Scorpios are great lovers, friends, and natural healers.  They are often the ones who come to someone`s aid first or make someone smile without any reason. They are selfless and willing to do good things even when it is at their expense.

7.They are “old-school” faithful

Scorpios enter in a relationship intensely, which makes them more faithful than any other human being. They will never say anything to jeopardize their relationship, which leads to a long-lasting and more loving relationship.

8.They’re remarkably honest

Scorpios often use their intuition to their immoral advantage, but the truth is that most of them use it as means of being more honest.  Given that they know pretty much about other people, they often feel obliged to make sure that other people will know the things they long for.

9.They’re insightful

Scorpios are quite insightful, which means that they are more aware of the things that are said or revealed.  They have the ability to uncover their desires even if their partner is not willing to do so, so they can fulfill their partner`s needs without being asked to.

10.They know their worth

Last but not least, Scorpios are more into long-term relationships as opposed to short-term ones,  partly due to their intensity. They put all of their love, effort, time and energy into their relationship, and often it is not worth their effort to do so for temporary happiness.