Being Mentally Strong Isn’t Something You Are Born With- It’s A Trait That Must Be Developed.

Being mentally strong isn’t something you are born with- it’s a trait that must be developed. Our daily routines can drag us through some interesting situations; how we handle them (and ourselves) is paramount to understanding mental strength. Learning how to improve ourselves through our life experiences, instead of wallowing in regret of our past mistakes, is a big part of being a mentally strong person. But, that’s not all it takes.

The following list consists of the behaviours of mentally strong people. This is how they think, how they act, and how they treat themselves, and others. If you want to know how to achieve a more successful life with a more powerful mindset, this list is for you.

They Are Constantly Adapting.

Mentally tough people are flexible in all of life’s situations. They understand that having a fear of change is detrimental to their success and happiness. Keeping an open mind allows them to see opportunities where others see failures.

They Aren’t Afraid To Say “Yes.”

Saying “yes” to opportunities that present themselves, without fear, is a signature trait of mentally strong people. For example, I had the opportunity to visit another country if I sold my belongings and found a different line of work. After calculating the risk, weighing the pros and cons, I went for it. Even though most people told me I was crazy, I said “yes.” Because of that leap, I met the man I am married to today.

They Aren’t Afraid To Say “No.”

I know plenty of people who are people-pleasers, and they find saying “no” nearly impossible. They think by saying “yes” and trying to accommodate everyone they will make everybody happy, all the time. This is not the case, and mentally strong people know that.

Sometimes, you have to say no. Making choices that might upset others takes courage, but living an authentic life requires bravery. Mentally strong people are direct but pleasant, and avoid phrases like “I don’t think I can,” or “I’m not sure.” It is important to be clear and speak with confidence, which brings me to my next point.

They Say Exactly What They Mean.

The importance of this trait is often overlooked, but I have found it to be a common characteristic of those who are mentally strong. Putting real meaning behind your words is a powerful tool for achieving happiness.

Mentally strong people know that the words they choose to say reflect back on them, so they say exactly what they mean. They seldom encounter problems where they “didn’t say that,” because they are constantly aware of what they are saying. If you often find yourself on auto-pilot, try paying attention to your words. You might be surprised.

They Keep Things Real.

It’s impossible to be positive and full of smiles all the time, life isn’t always sunbeams and lollipops. Sometimes a bit of anger or sadness can creep in, and that’s okay, but too much negativity can cause problems.

Mentally strong people practice realistic optimism. They aren’t zen masters- if they spill their boiling hot coffee on their lap, they will probably curse as loud as the next guy. But they won’t mope around and blame the coffee for ruining their day. Instead, they replace those exaggeratedly negative thoughts with more realistic ones. “Maybe I should be more careful when pouring extremely hot liquids near my sensitive bits.”

They Find Solutions To Their Problems.

Instead of complaining about something that went wrong, they try to figure out WHY it went wrong. This is how we move forward, and mentally strong people are all about progressive movement. They refuse to give their energy towards anything unproductive, and thoroughly enjoy a good challenge.

They Forgive Themselves.

Let’s say you were working on a presentation and forgot to save everything before turning off your PC. How do you react?
You can either beat yourself up about it and waste more energy diving deeper into that negativity pool, or you can forgive yourself and move on.

Mentally strong people are familiar with self-compassion; they treat themselves like they would treat a friend. You wouldn’t continue to put your friend down for making a mistake, so why treat yourself that way?

They Are In Charge Of Their Emotions.

We encounter all sorts of different personalities throughout our daily lives, and mentally strong people know this. They accept toxic people and inspirational people alike, but they don’t let either of them rule their emotions. Setting healthy boundaries and taking responsibility for how you think, feel, and behave, keeps the ball in your court.

They Know That It’s Okay To Be Wrong.

Some people always have to be right, and hell will freeze over before they utter the words, “I’m sorry.” Mentally strong people on the other hand, have no problem admitting when they are wrong. Apologizing for something isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

They Accept Other People’s Perspectives.

The world is a pretty big place, and chances are, not everyone is going to think like you, or enjoy the things you enjoy. Mentally strong people celebrate the varying differences between us. They understand a difference of opinion is not the end of the world, and usually look to learn something new from the conversation.

They Are Patient With Achieving Results.

Nothing worthwhile takes place overnight- sometimes setback occur. Whether it is a financial loss, the death of a loved one, or personal health problems, having mental strength helps you to push through the hardships and patiently await positive results.

If you are wanting to improve your mental strength, start with this one. Understand that interjecting all of these characteristics into your life will not take place easily, or quickly. Be patient with the results.

I believe all of these traits to be of great import, but if I had to choose one that helped me the most, it would be “accepting change.” Fighting something that is inevitable will only cause pain, and probably madness.

“Change does not make you weaker. The water in the ocean is a source of power and it is only strong because it is not still.
Be like the tides and flow through the changes. Move through the water of your life. Allow it to shape you and to smooth you into exactly what you need to be.”