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11 Traits of Rare People, If You Have One of These You Are One Them

There are some people who are completely different from others. These kinds of people though are very rare, but they exist on planet earth. They comprise about 1% of the world population and are the advocates for the world.

So, who actually are these advocates? How are they different from the rest of us? They are the individuals with the INFJ personality. These kinds of people are not only rare but are also lucky and indeed special. Their birth is for a reason. They are here on earth to fulfill the purpose of advancement of our society. Their work starts the very moment they are born. They are dreamers who can make a huge impact on the development of mankind.

INFJ’s are here for a reason. They are here to enlighten the mankind with spirituality, consciousness, and show them the light in darkness and make them believe in the inner power that the human being possesses. They have this unique understanding of reality and idealism that is rarely found in any other person. The INFJ’s are more mature, intuitive, and responsible. They come equipped with all the learning’s of life that we normal human being learns through the trial and error process. You will see them connecting with other people pretty deeply, thus helping them to gauge the miseries of other people and eventually helping them out of the situation. They are soft-spoken and use sensitive words so that people don’t get hurt by their words.

These people are unaware of their true potential for a long time and when they finally realize their worth, they perform their duty quite efficiently. They are here in the world because they will have to change the world and make it a better place. Here are 11 signs that are generally associated with the Advocates of the World. Go through them and see for yourself if you are the chosen one-

1.Sense of priority

There are many out there who are good at prioritizing, but an advocate of the world is exceptionally well in this. They have a clear idea of what is important to not only their life but also in other’s life too. As humans, we always tend to look for relationships, memories with loved ones, and the experience of life. But, this gem of a person has the ability to incorporate positivity along with a pinch of reality into your life every single day.

2.Gut feeling is strong

You can call it gut feeling or intuition, whatever you feel like, but the important thing is that an INFJ is born with the power of intuition. They just know it, as if the universe is telling them what is going to happen. This intuition helps them to walk on the correct path irrespective of the allurement. There is no place for materialistic things in their life.

3.Number of close friends are few

If you can identify the fake people out very easily, then it is almost certain that you won’t be friends with the one who is a fake! Instead of having a big group of fake friends, these people prefer few true friends whom they can count on. They don’t like to open up easily, it might be because they are quite different from the normal lot and they fear of getting ridiculed or judged.

4.Understands the mood of other people

No matter how good you are in putting up a happy face even when you are not feeling well. INFJ will sense your sadness. They are best at absorbing energies which is a boon for others around them, but a curse for the INFJ themselves. They are actually absorbing your negative energies and making you feel better, so it’s good for you, but for an INFJ it turns out to be a curse because they end up being a powerhouse of negative energy which hurts them at the end.

5.The game changer

They are here for a purpose and the purpose is to change the society and make it a better place. They never give up on the idea of changing the world single-handedly by making others understand their true potential. They believe that once everybody realizes their true potential, then the world will be a better place to live.

6.On the quest

The advocates of the world are go-getters. They won’t stop until they have improved something. Even if nothing is changing, they don’t give up, rather they start working even harder. They never rest and work hard to achieve their goal successfully.

7.Different perception gives them conflicting thoughts

The INFJ’s can place themselves in other’s shoes and think from a different perspective altogether. So, when you are trying to understand the incident or the decision from other’s point of view, then it is only natural that you will start getting contradictory thoughts about the same thing. This is how the INFJ work; they have the power to understand different aspects of the same story.

8.God gifted writing skill

You might not be able to express the conflicting ideas on your mind to others, but when you have the pen and paper in your hand, there’s nothing that can stop you from coming up with a nice piece of writing. You have the ability to grab the attention of the reader if you publish your writing, but the problem is that you don’t publish your work.

9.Beyond the worldly understanding

The INFJ also has the inborn talent of knowing things that go beyond the practical world. They can see the real picture of life and doesn’t get perturbed by the materialistic things of life.

10.Possesses great teaching tools

The advocate of the world comes equipped with amazing teaching tools. Though they have the knowledge and the power of holding on to the attention of the audience, still they prefer to keep mum. They don’t want to fall into the category of a narcissist, so they stay away from teaching. People are too pre-occupied to take anything about it seriously.

11.Passionate love

They don’t generally allow people to get in, but if they did, then it means that they have an immense love for the person. They make for one of the best companions for life. You can trust an INFJ like anything as they are completely trustworthy.

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