5 Common Dream Symbols and How to Interpret Them

Science has uncovered numerous mysteries for us. But dreams continue to be one of the most difficult conundrums for the experts. In a layman’s language, dreams are stories or images that our minds create when we are asleep. But why do dreams occur in the first place? And why do we have dreams? Do they mean anything, or are they just a replication of our day-to-day activities? Questions like these relentlessly haunt us.

Pursuing such questions, a research team in Japan studied MRI scans of humans in order to identify the visual imagery of dreams. This team at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto concluded that most of the dreams reflected the participants’ everyday experiences. However, to analyse our dreams we must be consciously aware of our daily experiences. Only then we would be able to unearth the meaning behind our dreams.

Here are 5 things you should not ignore about your dreams.

  1. Flying

Flying in the dream is one of the most commonly reported dreams. Usually, it is considered a positive sign. It symbolises freedom and happiness. However, if you had trouble taking off in the dream then it may signify that something in life is holding you back from taking the next step.

  1. Death

It is believed that dreaming of death predicts an imminent death in real life. However, it is a myth. According to psychotherapist Jeffery Sumber, dreams about death indicate “the symbolic ending of something — a phase, a job, or a relationship.” Basically it means the end of a particular situation or a major transformation in our emotions.

  1. Fire

A dream about fire can mean varying things in different contexts. If the fire is out of control, or you are setting things on fire it may mean supressed anger. If in your dream you see your house getting burned, it signifies loss of security as a result of some mistake.

  1. Money

To dream about money indicates prosperity, success and self-worth. It represents that you believe in yourself. However, if you dream of losing money, it may suggest a lack in self-esteem and a feeling of vulnerability in real life.

  1. Adultery

Dreaming that you are cheating on your partner suggests suppressed sexual desires. It might also mean that you have done something in your life that you yourself don’t agree to — something illegal or something that wasn’t in the best of your interests.