5 Signs that You are an Intuitive Empath

5 Signs that You are an Intuitive Empath

It believed that all empaths are naturally intuitive. While this is true for some people, not every empath is intuitive. Also, not all people who have a powerful intuition are empaths. The two abilities are quite different. To be an empath is to have the ability to pick up energies and emotions of the people that surround or concern you. On the other hand, an intuitive person is someone who is aided by his/her gut feeling and uses the same to analyse a person or to understand a situation.

If someone possess both the characteristics (of an empath and also of an intuitive person), then s/he is an intuitive empath. Here are 5 signs to know if you are one among the tribe.

  1. You sense things before they take place

(You have “knowings” about things before they happen)

You can sense the events that are going to happen. It may be a gut feeling of optimism or about something bad. You might have a dream about an event in future. Or you may feel certain sensations in your body for example butterflies in your stomach.

  1. You are highly sensitive to exterior stimuli

(Certain situations freak you out)

Do you get easily irritated whenever you hear a loud noise or panic when you find yourself in a crowd? It means that you are highly sensitive which makes you more prone to negative stimuli and mood swings than others.

  1. You are discerning

(You bullshit detector is always on point)

There is a person in your office whom everyone likes but you feel that person is fake. That might be because you are intuitive you are able to see through that person’s outward appearance. Because of your empathetic abilities, you are able to pick up the real vibes that the other person is emanating.

  1. You enjoy lone time

(You feel the need to recharge in your own company)

An intuitive empath needs short spells of solitude as a restorative practice. You feel the need to find some time away from being affected by others’ energies and concentrate on your own. Being an empath can be burdensome at times. Therefore, you detach yourself from everyone and instead focus on understanding yourself.

  1. Deja vu

You suddenly feel familiar in a completely new place. Or feel that you have been in a similar situation before. A Deja vu happens when you have unconsciously noticed something but it didn’t affect your conscious mind. However, next time when you see the same thing you have this feeling of familiarity. Intuitive people are better at accessing all the information stored in their unconscious mind.