5 Things Men Do When They’re Truly in Love

Television shows and movies have increased our expectations from our men. We expect our beloved to arrive in a car filled with heart shaped balloons to pick us up. Or, plan an elaborate Valentine’s Day dinner in a high-end hotel about which we can brag about the next day to our friends. If our man fails to do so, in no second do we start to feel that his love for us has faded.

What we forget is that what we see on-screen is fiction. And that materialistic thing should not be the basis of your relationship. When you start expecting unrealistically, the genuine gestures of your man goes unnoticed. What you need to understand is that life is best lived simply and everything with a hefty price tag cannot give you real happiness.

Here are 5 genuine things that men do when they are in love and these are the ones we need to appreciate:

  1. He will respect you

Mutual respect is one of the most vital elements of a relationship. If your man finds opportunities to belittle you, or thinks that he is the unquestionable authority, then you need to rethink your relationship. When a man truly loves you, he will respect you as well as your opinions.

  1. He will be honest

Nobody is perfect. And if your man always says all the right things to you and appears more like a yes man, then he is definitely not ‘The One’. A man who would genuinely love you would not always play along just to be in your good books. He doesn’t need to be. He is secure enough. If he thinks that you are going haywire or are up to something wrong then he will give you a reality check however bad you may feel about it. Without honesty, no relationship can work.

  1. He won’t forget

There is nothing to be proud about forgetting dates and things related to your partner. If your man really loves you, he will remember even the slightest of your details — your favourite colour, or your favourite food. One doesn’t need to have a superior memory for remembering such things. If you care for someone, these things will come naturally to you.

  1. He is ready to improve

Those relationships are the best which help a person grow. Of course, you love your man for what he is. But there is always room for some improvement. And if he is actually in love with you, your man will not hesitate in bettering himself. He knows you deserve the best and he will try to be the best.

  1. He isn’t insecure

Being a little bit possessive is one thing. But if your man get jealous whenever you meet your guy friends or if he wants all your time for himself only, then it is a problem. A man who genuinely loves you will be secure enough to let you have a life of your own. He will respect boundaries and will give you space.