6 Alkaline Foods that Prevent Obesity, Cancer, and Heart Disease

We all are very well aware that junk food, as the name suggests, is not healthy to eat. It is low on nutrients and high on calories. Excessive intake of such food products causes many life-threatening diseases.  Processed food also increases the acidity of our body which makes it more prone to diseases like heart disorder, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Thus, intake of foods that are high on alkaline content is essential. It is imperative to maintain a proper pH balance. According to a research, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. That does not mean that you stop eating any food which has acidic content. The key is to keep the acidic as well as alkaline levels of your body in balance.

Here are six alkaline foods which will help you keep your body healthy and fit:

Spinach: Favourite of Popeye, spinach is abundant in antioxidants and is rich in vitamins. It is low in cholesterol and fat, and is full of iron, magnesium and calcium. It improves blood glucose control (helpful for diabetes patients), reduces blood pressure and the risk of asthma, and strengthens bones.

Lemon: It helps in increasing metabolism and immunity as well as in purifying blood. Lemon decreases a stroke risk. It is also helpful in treating indigestion, respiratory disorders and high blood pressure. It is useful in the treatment of kidney stones.

Olive oil: Also known as ‘liquid gold’, olive oil helps in weight loss as it contains lots of antioxidants. Other benefits include reducing blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Banana: Bananas are rich in potassium which regulates the movement of nutrients in our blood. They aid weight loss and improve digestion.  Like others above, it too lowers blood pressure and reduces cancer and asthma risk.

Carrots: High in vitamin A, carrots helps to reduce cholesterol. Eating carrots can ensure lesser risk of heart attack and cancer. Furthermore, it boosts your immune system and detoxifies the body. And obviously, it is good for your eyes.

Avocados: Avocados contain even more potassium than bananas. They are loaded with fibre and are good for heart. They also increase the nutrient absorbing capacity of your body from other foods that you eat.

Other foods that are alkaline are cauliflowers, buckwheat, broccoli, melon, berries, and grapes.