6 Clear Signs The Man You Are With Is The Wrong Person For You

Falling in love is easy; strangers across the room, on the subway, there are a million ways for you to find someone to fancy. And though the toughest part might seem to be to find someone who likes you back, but trust me it is not as simple as that. In a relationship, the most important thing is to know whether it is working or not. Many of us live in denial; not paying attention to obvious signs that what we have is not meant to be. However hard it is to accept this truth, the sooner you do it, the better. For everyone involved. Now, I am not suggesting that the happiness you find in your relationship is imaginary; this article is to help you if you are caught up in a wrong one.

1.You always come second: If you constantly feel like you are playing the second fiddle in your relationship, if all your desires, needs, wants are put on the backseat always, we have a problem. Relationships are about equal everything, and none of the partner can be Priority 1.

2.Communication gap: Not being expressive is one thing, most guys fall short when it comes to communicating their thoughts, but if your man shuts you out or down entirely, pay heed to the warning bells. You can’t hope for a good, in fact even a barely functioning relationship if you can’t open up to your partner.

3.Betrayal of trust: Trust is the foundation Stone for any long-term partnership, and your relationship is the most important partnership of your life. Don’t brush away nagging thoughts of distrust, if you have concrete proof of him lying and not being completely honest with you. If he doesn’t respect you enough to value your trust, then he’s definitely not worth it.

4.He’s a man-child: You don’t want an emotional juvenile to be your partner in life. Being selfish, uncalled for tantrums and baseless jealousies are a few of the tell tale signs that a person needs to grow up before they can be truly considered adults.

5. ‘Emotional range of a teaspoon’: Again, guys are known to be tough and not sentimental and what not. And they usually are like that when they first meet you. But the fact is, it is only when the two of you are emotionally open to each other, even if it means being vulnerable- that’s when you grow as a couple. If you can’t find that in a relationship you’d find it really hard to be ever really connected to that person.

6.You aren’t happy anymore: If he doesn’t make you feel respected and happy, if he constantly puts you down, then please drop that guy like a hot potato, stat. Your partner is supposed to encourage you and make you happy, not miserable and questioning your self-worth.