A Simple Technique To Open Your Third Eye

The “third eye” is commonly known today as the pineal gland, the DMT producing, spiritual experience/dreaming related extremely important little pine-cone shaped organ in the center of our brains.

When people refer to “opening the third eye,” it means a meditative or physical process that can enable the body to do, what we believe, is basically produce DMT naturally.

So would you like to try an easy way to “open your third eye?” People say that most individuals actually can get right to the verge of having their third eye or pineal gland “opened,” producing interesting phenomena in the visual sense or even “kundalini” type symptoms. However, most people give up before really diving into it.

Some people have trained themselves to “astral project,” and leave their bodies, or float above their bodies in-between the state of being awake and asleep.

Do you see the colors?

If you actually sit down and force yourself to have the patience for meditation, ask yourself this: do you see blue, white, or purple swirling colors moving around in your vision when you get to a certain depth in meditation?

At this stage, which is already quite deep into meditation when people have less of an attention span nowadays than ever, most people give up because no new things are really happening. However, many people report that it gets crazier.

So if you do this right before you go to sleep, you might be able to push further into this state of mind.

Exactly before a person falls asleep, their mind goes into the “alpha state.” This is what people refer to as the state where “channeling” is most possible: this is where astral projection can happen, or visions that could be from DMT produced in the pineal gland (third eye).

So do this: when you go to bed, relax your mind as if it is meditation: clear all the noise out of your mind, perhaps focus on the sound of a fan or some noise that is constant and try to silence all the things going on in your head, gently. This is when you should have the third eye experience, when you have sustained a state of quiet in the mind for a long time while on the verge of wakefulness and sleep.

Sometimes in this state, people hear and see things, but usually people see vivid images that flash before their closed eyes. It sounds uncanny in comparison to DMT.

Some people report seeing their own auras, and the images last about as long as a person’s patience and ability to sustain the mental quiet, which of course grows like a muscle each time a person meditates.

So master the ability to make the mind quiet and focus, and this is the least of what you’ll be able to do!

source: https://www.anonymous-feed.com/open-third-eye