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Angel line…Do You Have it in the Palm of Your Hand? Then You Are Very Lucky!

According to experts in chiromancy, in the palm of a handyou can learn the fate of a person as well as you can guess the past, present and future events. Each line in the palm of a person’s hands has a special meaning:

The line of life: it is one that establishes the evolution of the person from birth to death, unlike what many think its length is not related to the duration of life.

The line of the head: this can be stuck or not to the line of life and this gives the expert in palmistry information on how to act or think.

The heart line: this tells about your feelings and your relationships in general, if the line is very straight, it can be an indication of objectivity and in some cases indifference.

The line of the guardian angel: this line is very rare, but if you have it in your hand you do not need anything. This line means that the person is under the special protection of a greater guardian angel. For this reason, many people consider it the most special and important line. Many say that people who have this line in their palm, are very lucky since a guardian angel helps and protects them in difficult situations.

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