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Choose an Eye and Discover What Your Choice Says About You

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” says the old Greek proverb, and this is no doubt true. With our eyes, we observe, learn and fall in love.

The eyes are often called windows to the soul because in the eyes of a person we can read their inner world. The look gives out emotions and momentary states, and each momentary state can change it. Just a glance in the eyes of the person you are talking too can reveal a lot.

The soul comes into contact with the outside world through the eyes. An old belief claims that the more reasonable a person is, the more beautiful his eyes are. They represent the causal world in man. The right eye is indicative of the mind, and the left eye is the heart.

If you are also unsure of what your choice means for you, hurry to choose the eye that suits you most. Then see what it will reveal about you:

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