The Door You Are Afraid To Enter Reveals Your Personality

The greatest obstacle between us and our goals is our fears. Humans, as a species are ruled by their fears so it is natural that a lot can be said about a person by observing what scares them the most. Here is a test that will determine your personality on the basis of which door you’re afraid to enter.

Door to an Abandoned House This signifies that you are an analytical and an intelligent person. You are grounded in your beliefs and expect the same from others. You tend to be a little distant from people because of your spiritual and emotional inclination. You only form deep friendships of meaningful bonding.

Entrance to a Staircase If you are afraid of going down a dark staircase, it implies that you fear being buried or locked up. Confinements don’t suit your predisposition of being free and without any kind of shackles. You are also afraid of the unknown and would rather not think about things like death. Since you love life a lot, it would be a good idea to pay proper attention to your health.


Cave Opening Fearing entering an icy cave is an indicator of fear of being without an emotional support system. You crave for warmth in your relationships and the thought of being alone haunts you. You seek to find love, and this love may not be limited to a romantic partner. Rather you may look for it in a family member or a close friend as well.

Cabin in the Woods If the thought of an abandoned cabin in the woods scares you, it means that you deeply value your family and the bond you share. Because a home is a symbol of a happy family unit, seeing one in a ruined shape gives you dread because it means that you failed to keep your family together. What it shows about you is that you are a deeply generous and passionate person. You need to work hard to maintain this happiness which you desire the most.

Opening To a Dark Tunnel If the entrance to a dark tunnel puts you in a dread, it signifies that you need to introspect on your own inner thoughts and emotions. If the tunnel also has muddy water, it means that your thoughts too are in a jumble and messy and unclear. Facing your inner turmoils will give you the power to regain your self confidence.

A chained Door A door of blue color which is chained symbolizes stability. Blue is the color of both the sea and the sky, both boundless and eternal. You are hardworking and you take your job very seriously. Never cheating on your chores is a very essential part of your personality. At the same time you also need to loosen up a bit and start enjoying the lighter side of life.