If You Experience Any Of These 12 Signs You Are Walking The Highest Path Of Your Purpose

There are many different paths that one chooses to follow in their life, influenced and directed by your daily choices and decisions. Some paths may be easier, smoother and well lit, while others are bumpy, dark and more difficult to maneuver.

The reasons for your present path may vary – whether you have headed in this direction after learning valuable life lessons, are currently following your deepest passions or if you are running from something specific in your life at this time. The important point to understand is that there is no wrong path to travel.

Regardless of what path you are currently on, all paths will eventually lead you to the same place, exactly where you are supposed to be in this life. There are, however, some paths that you will find are much easier than others to traverse! This common path that all paths will eventually lead back to is your highest path. It is the path that was destined specifically for you in this life.

Do you believe that you are currently traveling your highest path? If so, watch for these 12 signs…

You Just Know

While you may not be able to put the feeling into words or pinpoint exactly what you are experiencing, you just know in that moment that you are on the right path towards your universal calling. You feel as though you are living life with a new purpose.

You Are Always Learning

While traveling your highest path the Universe will continue to present you with situations through which you will learn what you need to prepare you for your higher calling. This will mean that you will feel as though you are learning new skills each and every day.

You Are Better Equipped to Handle Challenges in Life

When you are traveling your highest path your journey is aligned with the ways of the Universe, allowing you to see a bigger picture, and preparing you to stay focused on that rather than being caught up in the smaller challenges that life will throw your way.

You Begin to Acknowledge Your Own Power

As you continue to connect with your universal purpose you begin to realize how much power you have over the happiness in your own life. You take control, letting go of grudge and past hurts, and focusing on welcoming positive energies into your present.

You Are Filled with Gratitude

As you begin to welcome the positive energies that come from traveling your highest path you will find that you are suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude for the events and people that impact your life, regardless of how small that impact may be.

You Experienced Heightened Consciousness

Your highest path will continue to push you, introducing you to new, different stimuli. This will allow you to grow and evolve, reaching higher levels of consciousness.

You Witness Miracles

As you become more in tune with the energies of the universe you begin to recognize that experiences your previously viewed as coincidences are really miracles manifesting before your eyes. Even the smallest of miracles no longer miss your grateful attention and wonder.

You Embrace Your True Self

While traveling your highest path, you will notice that you gain a significant boost in your confidence, allowing you to feel fulfilled and empowered with every choice that you make. You know what gifts you possess to share with the world, and in knowing this, you know your value.

You Shed Guilt and Shame

The emotions of guilt and shame are connected with the lowest frequency of energy within the human experience, and your continued growth and development along this journey allow you to leave these negative energies in your past.

You Meet Soulmates and Twin Flames

Both soulmates and twin flames are predestined to be part of this life, brought into your life either to teach you valuable lessons or to guide you in your journey. You may find that old friends move on, and in their place, you are introduced to people who are aligned with your energy and your greater calling.

You Refuse to Make Compromises with Yourself

You reach a new level of respect for yourself, and in doing so you are no longer willing to compromise the things that you view as important in your life. You understand that sometimes it is ok to ‘be selfish.’

You Believe in ‘Something Bigger’

When you reach your highest path, you become more in tune with the universe and its greater calling. This leaves you feeling more aware of the existence of something that is bigger than just you and this one life.

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