What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Personality and Health

A fascinating new research has just drawn some really interesting conclusions. According to the study, the color of your eyes has a connection with certain health and Personality Traits, read on to know more.

What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Personality and Health

Lower risks of macular degeneration if your eyes are dark – The study which was published in Clinical and experimental Opthalmology, took the data from 171 participants and came to the conclusion that people with lighter color Iris were twice as likely to have retinal degeneration. The reason behind macular degeneration is UV light exposure and darker Iris blocks more UV light.


Those with dark eyes have lower risk of Melanoma – People who have dark eyes are also at a lower risk of developing skin cancer. For the study children between ages, 4-10 were studied over a period of four years. They were exposed to equal amount of Sun and their mole formation was recorded. Mole formation in a young age is an indicator of tracing Melanoma later. Children with light eyes were more likely to have developed moles during the course of the research.


You tend to be more competitive if you have light colored eyes – 336 participants were required to fill in a questionnaire which had various personality traits related questions. The answers which showed a kind, compassionate and generous temperament were mostly chosen by people with dark eyes. The answers of most of the light eyed participants were along the lines of being less agreeable to others and competitive. Though this is not concrete enough yet but more evolutionary research is being performed to draw better conclusions from.


Trustworthy or not, the eye color might be the key – More than 268 participants were shown pictures of random strangers and they were then asked to rate these strangers on trustworthiness. And the most trustworthy of all came out to be people who had dark brown eyes. Though there are other facial features too, such as a broad chins or a big mouth, which people might relate with the quality of being trustworthy.


You have lesser chances of vitiligo if you have a light eye shade – Vitiligo is an auto immune disease in which the immune system goes berserk and starts attacking pigment cells which are healthy. As a result a person with vitiligo would have a blotched skin appearance. 3000 such participants were observed for this study and the majority of them had dark eyes. Those with vitiligo are also in danger of a number of other auto immune diseases.


Light eyed people, more likely to lose count of their alcohol – According to a study by Georgia State University, it seems to be near factual that people with light colored eyes drank much more than their friends who have dark eyes. This conclusion was drawn upon observing 1200 people. The relation behind alcohol consumption and abuse might be due to the presence of melanin (which causes the dark pigmentation of Iris when present in more quantity). Those who have more melanin in their body could be more sensitive to alcohol and therefore less likely to abuse it.