First Successful Intercontinental Teleportation

Highly qualified physicists from Austria and China have successfully initiated the first intercontinental teleportation test. They managed to teleport particles with the Mozi quantum communications satellite.

Furthermore, they managed to hack the ‘’unhackable’’ conference call, says the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has been only a year since the launch of Mozy. But, physicists have been more than successful.

When we talk about teleportation, we should specify that teleporting, in this case, is not beaming people like in Star Trek. On the contrary, scientists used the quantum teleportation to send information across space.


They used entangled particles and reassembled them somewhere. This is the hardest part of this teleportation, the entanglement. When two particles are entangled, they stay ‘’in sync’’ with one another. So, no matter how far apart these particles are, they will always stay in sync.

However, if one of them hits something like a beam of light, air, or anything, then the entanglement breaks. Therefore, keeping the particles entangled for a long time or through miles away, is immensely difficult to achieve.

Some scientists were only able to separate entangled particles only a few miles away. But, the Chinese team managed to break the world record in June. They managed to successfully send entangled particles more than 300 miles away, while the entangled particles stayed on Earth.

It is important to specify the word ‘’teleport’’ in this case. Scientists didn’t teleport humans. Instead, they transferred information from a particle on the ground to a separate particle located in space.

Lastly, this proves that someday this technology can be used for encrypting and intercepting communication and even sending results around the world by using quantum computers.

Teleportation Details

Physicists took three main steps towards improving the quantum communications, according to Chinese scientists. Moreover, the physicists managed to transfer quantum keys from a distance of 1,200 km. More accurately, from the satellite to Earth.

They managed to connect the two separate points at a similar distance.

As a result, they were able to successfully conduct the first orbital quantum teleportation experiment. In the end, they were able to immensely improve the quality of communication. This type of communication is better than the fiber optic systems.

Astounding isn’t it? Scientists say that the today’s quantum technologies focus on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. This phenomenon is important for protecting the quantum communication systems which absolutely exclude the possibility of espionage.

The laws of quantum mechanics forbid ‘replicating’ the current state of the light particles.

Final Thoughts

With today’s advanced technology it is no wonder how scientists were able to do the unimaginable. As the years go by, we will keep evolving and improving our technology. This is a step closer to our goal. In the near future, we will probably be studying something most people can’t even imagine.

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