Holding Your Hand In This Position Does Something Incredible For Your Body — Here’s How

Medicine has come up with a plethora of ways that we can employ to ensure relief from our pains. You may have tried everything from traditional medicine to yoga and to the exotic acupuncture. There however, remains another method that most westerners are ignorant of.

The mudra hand gesture that this article talks about first originated in India. It requires stimulation of all parts of the body and mind. There are eight basic gestures that one can employ and once you see how powerful they are, you will want to use them all the time. Try some of these out and tell us what you think.

Gyan Mudra

You can employ this gesture to stimulate the air element and help with enthusiasm, drowsiness and creative thinking.

Vaayu Mudra


This gesture can be used to decrease the air element and help tackle issues like anxiety and depression.

Aakash Mudra

Aimed at exponentially tackling the space element, this gesture helps relive fear, sorrow, anger and congestive issues.

Shunya Mudra

This gesture decreases the space element and helps in the event of ear related afflictions like ear pain.

Prithvi Mudra

The gesture helps achieve a balance between the earth element and the fire element by increasing the former and decreasing the latter. It also relieves fatigue and helps muscles.

Surya Mudra

This gesture works in a manner opposite to that of the prithvi mudra. It increases the fire element and decreases the earth element. It is absolutely ideal for those with suppressed thyroid problems.

Varun Mudra

This gesture increases the water element and therefore aids in relieving painful joints, arthritis and cramps.

Jal Shaamak Mudra

This gesture is believed to decrease the water element, and is good for those who have excessive sweat glands, runny noses, and watery eyes.

These gestures are simple ways that you can use to ensure that there are no problems with your body and the fact that you can do them all by yourself is actually pretty neat. Share them with your friends who may not know these gestures and tell them how useful these are.