“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs

I will love you until my last breath… There’s no greater power than the power of love. It’s able to transform even the darkest energy into Light. Love is patient, loves is kind. It can banish sadness away, it can heal, and open the Gates of Heaven. Love is actually the closest thing we have to pure magic!

But, what happens when the love you feel is fleeting? Can anyone predict it? What is this thing that makes us crazy? In this article, you will find out why each Zodiac Sign loses faith in love. This will help you anticipate when a relationship is falling apart, whether it’s romantic, professional or friendship.

Aries: … until you betray me!

Since Aries is the Zodiac sign of the God of War − Mars/Ares, it’s no wonder these people are natural warriors. In fact, every day of their lives is a constant battle with everything. This Zodiac sign is prepared to fight until their last strength.

However, more often than not they’re fighting demons that merely exist. And after they’ve won, they might get bored and look for the next thing that makes them angry in order to fight again. Aries is known as a conqueror. Whatever relationship you have with an Aries, try to keep them occupied. You constantly need to give them something to conquer. In this way, they will be interested in you… forever.

Taurus: … until you break my heart!

You will have to work really hard to break a Taurus’s heart. Even though they’re easily hurt, it’s not easy to destroy them. So, this is why they are considered faithful, steady, and capable of enduring whatever the Universe has in store for them.

Once you’ve earned their trust, you can change their mind if you make them feel insecure about their own choices. And it’s not easy to achieve that. Don’t ever insult their house or the way they look as you will break their heart. If you need to criticize them, find an easy and creative way to do it.

Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me!

If you think you can play mind games with Gemini, you couldn’t be more wrong! You can’t compare yourself with the true masters of deception. Their minds function faster than you can predict. So, trying to outsmart them might end up really bad for you.

This Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury − Hermes, the planet, and God of Intellectual affairs, communication, and commerce. They don’t always try to play games, but once they realize you’re trying to do that, you’re done! From that moment onwards, they will try to find a way to make you look stupid. Never play mind games with the masters…

Cancer: … until you abandon me!

Cancerians are the sign of the Moon − Artemis / Diana and any kind of company is really important for them. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy some time to themselves, but through relationships, they’re looking for balance. Therefore, if they trust you, they will you give you the world.

This Zodiac sign is also very sweet and possessive. They really appreciate the emotional security. So, don’t betray their trust and try to find ways to make them feel safe. They will love you until you convince them you are unworthy of their love and trust. At this point, they will retreat like the tides of the sea and it will be impossible to get them to come back.

Leo: … until you make me look like a fool!

Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our planetary system, everything revolves around them. It’s quite normal to feel they are always judged and criticized. They need to feel constantly appreciated in a relationship and are very protective about their social image.

Never try to insult them, especially about things they feel insecure about, or consider sacred. You will have their affection until you prove yourself ungrateful for all the things they’ve done for you. Leos are people who value sincerity, so they’re aware of their strengths and flaws. They just don’t want to hear about their mistakes from the ones they love. They want you to accept them for who they are.

Virgo: … until you start lying!

Virgos are the children of Mercury − Herms. They’re often considered the masters of truth and criticism. They know about everything that’s happening around them and love observing human behavior. Once you start lying to them, you lose them forever.

These people want to trust anyone and their hearts are full of hope. Nevertheless, they’re easily hurt. If they detect a lie at the start of any kind of relationship, they will lose faith in you immediately. Virgos will love you until you make them question every word you say.

Libra: … until you mess with my peace!

As naturally born peacemakers and diplomats, Libras will always look for a way to make peace and turn Earth into a living paradise. If you somehow disrupt this “way” of order and beauty, you will stop existing for them.

The children of Venus − Aphrodite are willing to do anything to make a relationship last, according to their wishes of course. They won’t show any signs as to what they despise, but you will be able to tell the difference subtly until it’s all over.

Scorpio: … until you start keeping secrets from me!

You don’t want to look for trouble with this star sign. You really don’t. Instead, be honest. They can handle the truth as long as they’re sure you don’t keep secrets from them.

Regardless of how messed up or damaged you are, a Scorpio will truly love even your worst flaws. Until he/she senses secrets or lies. If you want to keep them forever, always come clean to them. Don’t try to con them, as sooner or later they will find out. They’re known to hold grudges and even if they forgive you, they will never forget it. Don’t mess up this relationship based on trust.

Sagittarius: … until you no longer bring me hope!

The children of Zeus − Jupiter can easily go mad if you make them feel miserable. They will shower you with unconditional love until you close the door of optimism for them. If they aren’t able to wait for something good to happen, their love will slowly fade away.

A Sagittarius is highly ambitious and only wants someone by their side who trusts in their vision and integrity. If you don’t believe in their goals, tell them in a gentle way. Everyone stumbles along the way. If you’re sad and devastated, don’t make them lose hope as well.

Capricorn: … until you give up!

The children of the God of time − Saturn − Kronos are really good at making things last, including relationships. All you have to do is look for the best for the warm-hearted Capricorn and yourself.

The moment you simply give up on life is the moment they lose all admiration for you. This Zodiac sign falls in love with someone they admire. No matter how difficult life seems, always try to find a way to improve yourself and aim higher. Even though this may take a while, explain to them that you do want to make things better. In this way, they will love you until the end of time.

Aquarius: … until you look like everyone else!

Aquarians are drawn like magnets to anything that makes someone unique. These little quirks of yours are the ones that will bring you closer to an Aquarius. These people usually pick the one who will make the world seem different than other worlds.

In other words, don’t ignore your uniqueness. In fact, embrace your diverse qualities and cultivate your talents. Never stop surprising them with all the secrets you hold in your sleeve, and the ones they fell in love with in the first place. Never change. Stay unique.

Pisces: … until you make me stop dreaming!

Pisces will admire and love you until you make them lose faith in their dreams. They regularly draw inspiration from their dream world. So, you should never stop inspiring them with your gentle words and warm heart.

Although they might look cold, people born under this sign are actually quite sensitive. From time to time they tend to drift apart and hang out with fairies and elves. It’s OK to get them back down to Earth, but don’t drag them violently into it. Their dreamers’ hearts need more colors. If you respect this, they will love you until their dying day.