How to Improve Your Life in Just One Month

Changing your lifestyle might not seem like the easiest thing to do. However, lifestyle blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya explains that it is possible to completely revamp your life within just a single month.

Svetlana divides her program into four weeks, and gives you tasks that you must incorporate into your lifestyle.

If you do this for just one month, you will see amazing changes within yourself, she says.

How to Improve Your Life in Just One Month

Week One: Cleansing your Mind and Body

  1. Get up at 6 a.m: Getting up early has many benefits, the most important one of which is that you will have more time to get things done. While everyone else is asleep, you can go for a walk in the cool morning air. Plus, you’ll be able to beat the traffic and be early for work.


  1. Eat Healthier: Food can make or break your health, and thus it is vital that you eat right. This means no fried food, alcohol, junk food and beverages. Most of these things are filled with artificial flavour and colour and they are toxic. Eliminating them from your diet will do wonders.


  1. Take up a sport: What better way to exercise than to pick up a sport? Svetlana personally prefers running, but you can pick whatever you like.


Week Two: Get your Life Into Order

  1. Cleanup your personal spaces: Clutter on your desk and in your room makes you unproductive. Throw away anything you do not need, and don’t forget to mop up once you’re done.


  1. Take Responsibilities for Your Life: You might have been a severe procrastinator all your life. Doesn’t matter. This ends now. It is time to finish all those little things you’ve been putting off. Once you’re done, the sense of relief will be worth it.


  1. Re-evaluate your Social Circle: Do you have friends that have been a liability for too long? It might be time to cut ties. Learn how to say ‘No’ to people.


Week Three: Plan Your Life

  1. Make Goals: The most efficient way to accomplish things is to make clear goals before your start. A word of caution, make sure to keep these goals realistic: something you can actually do over the amount of time you give yourself. And don’t forget to give yourself breaks.


  1. Plan Things on a Daily Basis: To get things done, make daily plans and write them down. This way, you’ll have a way to evaluate how good you’re at achieving deadlines.


Week Four: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Try Living Differently: Mix your routine up. Instead of hanging out at the bar every Friday, try going for a drive, or a basketball game. Little changes like these can have a tremendous impact on your life.


  1. Take a Break: After a week of hard work, you need some quality alone time. Go for a hike, or just camp nearby. Use this time to reflect and ask questions of yourself, and give some honest criticism.


These steps might sound easy, but you’ll realize that they aren’t, once you actually try to put them into practice. Do give it a try, and you’ll be thankful that you did.