Do You Know Which Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?

Here we are rating the zodiac signs on the basis of how dangerous they are. Let us see who can become a criminal and who cannot even hurt a fly.

Do You Know Which Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?


They are the least dangerous of all the zodiac signs. They may annoy people but it is fairly impossible that they would intentionally or even unintentionally hurt any other person. They are good natured people who are happy and want to spread that happiness.


They are like Gemini and the only reason they won’t kill anyone is because they are very rational in their approach towards life. They think deeply and thoroughly about everything and thus are practical and pragmatic.


Leo tend to be very arrogant and sometimes they only think about themselves. Sometimes they only live to satisfy their own ego. This makes them really dominating people but they won’t kill people. Not at all.


Libra are loyal and nice. They are calm under most situations but sometimes they might lose their temper even over the smallest of things. This means that a sudden change in the mood can make them kill someone for sure; but only when they undergo the change in mood.


They have all the qualities of the criminal. But they won’t do something huge or harmful; probably because they don’t use violence as a tool in their life. This makes them small criminals, not murderers.


They can kill. This is because they go through a lot of mood swings and sometimes it is very difficult to control them. You will be shocked to know that some of the infamous murderers are actually Pisces.


They are the most dangerous of zodiac signs. Don’t even try to provoke them because you won’t be able to abate their anger once it is provoked. Be cautious around them. Also, fun fact, most mass murderers are Capricorns.


The thing with Aries is that they get angry too fast but their anger cools down fast as well. But still don’t provoke them. They can also be harmful if provoked.


Taurus won’t kill but they can very well cheat. This means that they are frauds by nature because they are dishonest but they won’t go to the point of murder. You are safe that ways.


They are the craziest of them all. You cannot predict them. Also some of the most dangerous criminals and murderers are Sagittarians.


Most serial killers are Scorpios. They are shrewd and cunning and very taciturn. You can never know what they want from you and by the time you know it, you will probably be dead.


They are dangerous because they seek control and they are extremely scheming by nature. It won’t be wrong to say that Cancerians are the most dangerous people. Their danger is intensified because of their passive aggressive nature and their jealous behavior.

So, now you know whom you should stay away from.