Live The Life You Deserve

Making life changes to improve the quality of your life can be amazing but where do you start? Sure you can start taking a multivitamin or give up soda but let’s be real here: those things are beneficial but not enough to make a real impact. Lucky for you, you’re already on the right track by educating yourself on the matter.

Let’s start with the basics: your health. This one is without a doubt one of the most difficult to fully grasp. Our eating and health habits are ingrained in our psyche from very early on so it’s not surprising that changing those habits is going to be quite the challenge.

Take this tip to heart: start small! The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself with drastic changes, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Changing too much at the drop of a dime is the main reason most people fail on diets so let’s avoid that. If you take baby steps, you will almost always see much better results.

Start by cutting out a few unhealthy behaviors but don’t stop all of them at once. Let’s say you are an overweight smoker and you want to better yourself. Make a decision: are you going to work on your weight problem first or quit smoking? The choice is yours in the end but it is recommended to quit smoking first. You may gain a few pounds in the process but you already have a weight issue anyway so it doesn’t really matter.


Live The Life You Deserve

Once you can commit to that major change, you’ll be in a stronger position to tackle the weight problem. If you were to start with weight loss first instead, you’ll risk losing the weight then gaining it back from quitting smoking and no one wants that! Generally speaking: avoid fast food, cook at home more often than not using real, unprocessed foods, join a gym and find the exercise routine that fits you best, and try to stay as active as possible.

Now let’s discuss your environment and the people you surround yourself with. I firmly believe that everyone is very much influenced, both negatively and positively, by the people in their life. We’ve all had an experience with a toxic person, or persons, that have screwed up our lives in one way or another: get rid of those people!

Electronics have been found to inhibit our ability to have a happy, wholesome life because of how addicting they are. Sure we live in a digital world but limiting time spent online will benefit you much more than you think. No more Facebook arguments or getting fired up about politics: you have to look out for yourself now, not everyone else.

Don’t just think positive, be positive. Now, I’m certainly not saying to walk around with your head in the clouds, ignoring any problems that are present because that’s denial and can have some seriously negative mental effects. Instead, see the brighter side of things, handle any life problems in a rational manner and stay strong: you can do this!

In the end, it’s purely up to you to ensure your own happiness. Mind your health, get rid of negative influences, go out and enjoy the world, and for goodness sake always remember to smile. You are going to live life to the fullest, that’s always something to smile about!

via: peace quarters