Massive Recall: Your Himalayan Salt Lamp May Harm You

Himalayan rock salt lamps were the rage a few years back and everyone wanted one. The reasons for choosing them ranged from looks to health benefits.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has called back thousands of Himalayan rock salt lamps ASAP. This product recall holds for three lamps from Lumière that were available at Michaels through the period between July and November 2016. You should be concerned if you have ordered your lamp via Amazon; you must check yours too.

The recalled series are lamps which were made from pink salt blocks. In the event of such a massive procedure, customers have been directed to cross check the barcodes that their lamps have and return the product to the store if they find a match. The store is bound to give their money back.

        “Working together with the CPSC, we have recalled the line of Lumière Himalayan Salt Lamps sold between July 2016 and November 2016,” a Michaels’ spokesperson stated.

“The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority and we have taken immediate steps to remove this product from our stores, inventories, and supply chain. We apologize to anyone who have been affected by this situation and are providing full refunds…”

How would you know that you have bought a lamp from the recalled series?

You can check if your lamp needs returning by checking the SKU and UPC numbers:

  • Carnival of Lights — SKU 495433, UPC 00886946058325
  • Basket of Rocks — SKU 495146, UPC 00886946056277
  • Rock of Gibraltar Lamp — SKU 495144, UPC 00886946056253

These numbers are usually present on the box you bought the product in. These Himalayan lamps were designed to provide a smooth dim light to your room and keep the air clean. Apart from this, these lamps have been scientifically proven to increase the number of negative ions in your room.

So what exactly makes these lamps so very powerful?

  • These lamps attract humidity and keep the surface of the lamp moist
  • They build up ions and soak up extra moisture from the air in your room without making it too dry
  • They neutralize the “electro-smog” in your house which are emitted by other household appliances
  • Produces a calming and soothing effect and helps you relax
  • Cleans the air of any sort of allergens and irritants