Research: Why You Might Be Better Off Single

“I’ve been single for a while and I have to say, it’s going very well. Like it’s working out. I think I’m the one.”– Emily Heller


For centuries, people have celebrated the institution of marriage. We hear about its benefits from everyone, starting from our parents to even our friends. However, a study has found out that the concept of being single has been misunderstood completely.

As part of the study, Professor Vella DePaul lo from the American Psychological Association in Denver, studied single life for a period of twenty years.

According to her, the conventional view of single people has always been incorrect. She said that the popular belief that marriage offers unique happiness and well-being benefits is a myth. She added that many people marry just because of societal and parental pressure in absence of which they might choose to remain single.


DePaulo is herself 63 and happily single. She points out that not every person is alike. Everyone has different goals in their lives. And marriage may not suit every person. The study compared married people with those who are single. The results showed that single people had much more sense of self-worth.

Moreover, according to the study, married people were more prone to negative emotions.  She reiterated that marriage is not a bad thing. But some people might feel more fulfilled in their lives by remaining single. The aim is to break the stereotype of “married and lived happily ever after”. One can be happy even when not married. Being single is usually considered that you are not married right now but will eventually be in future. Marriage is set as the ultimate goal. But it is not true in everyone’s case. DePaulo is herself an example.

Therefore, there is a need to talk more about singlehood in a more informed manner. Being single should not be stigmatized. Our sense of social and emotional security must not be dependent on marriage. As DePaulo says, we need to understand the differences between how we “think marriage will be and how it actually is”.