Parents Who Raise Good Kids Do This

The other day I heard my cousin say that bringing up kids in today’s world is a Herculean task.  And I could not agree with her more. The upcoming generation has all kinds of exposure readily available to them. Today’s generation is not the genX but the iGen. Although raising kids might seem impossibly tough, it is not that difficult to deal with. The strategies are not very different from the ones used by our parents. You just need to blend those with the iGen mind-set. Spend time with your children

Spend time with your children

I have often seen parents handing over a phone to their kid so that it keeps the latter ‘busy’. Instead, parents and children should get busy taking to each other. Gadgets might seem great fun to your child right now. But eventually, s/he will miss someone to talk to in person. No technology can replace the actual person. Spend quality time with your children. Talk to them and listen more. That way you will be able to get to know your children more. And they will know there is always someone on whom they can count upon.

Parents Who Raise Good Kids Do This

Do not ban technology

Technology is today’s reality. You cannot keep your children away from it. And it is always better that they get that exposure at home under your guidance. At home, you can monitor the duration as well as the content of the media they are being exposed to. Set time limits for your children for the usage of a particular gadget. Make judicious use of the parental locks. And again, talk. Children need proper media awareness. Teach them how to use any gadget responsibly.

Be a role model

Children learn much from what they see their parents doing. If you yourself spend too much time on the phone, your children will learn the same. And this is not limited to technology. For instance, children can take up swearing as a norm if they hear you swearing all the time. If you lie about the simplest of things to your children, they will find it okay to deceive you in the future. Practice what you preach.

Reward them

To encourage good behavior, you should keep a system of rewarding your children. Teach them to respect and care for others, to be unselfish. Try to develop an empathetic behavior in your children towards other people. Help them in their efforts to do the same and do not forget to appreciate them for that.