From Which Tap Does The Water Run Faster? Your Answer Will Reveal How Smart You Are!!!

The gifted person can reach a score of 140 points, while the considered “geniuses” can reach even 160; Evidently, less than 1% of the population has enough mental capacity to enter into this so exalted section. This test will help you to know what kind of genius lives in you: not all human beings stand out in the field of knowledge nor have the same intelligence. But you will see how intelligent you are and what you have to do to develop your skill.

Choose one of the faucets and be amazed!

Number 1

In case this was your response, you are so lucky. Around 35% of the respondents decided that the water would undoubtedly fall faster in this pipe, so these are their results: you are an evolutionary genius, that is, you have not yet reached the absolute limit of your genius. Since childhood, you stood out among your school friends for your incredible wisdom, but the truth is that even today everyone shows admiration for your speed of mind!

It is true that you need to carry out some exercises weekly so that your mind remains prodigious, but you will not have problems to reach in the future a figure close to 140 points. Testing, puzzles, hobbies and even some tests on the net could be your best allies when it comes to developing your mind. You need to take care of your social life a bit since you are slowly leaving it aside: it is great to be a genius, but it is even better to share your experiences with someone…

Number 2

You were born with an impressive virtue. You know it and do not hesitate to take advantage of it to fulfil your future goals and dreams. What are we talking about? Nothing less than intuition. You do not miss anything and your decisions are often the most accurate… You know well enough when to act, what kind of people to approach and even what issues to tackle when it comes to success! For you, a look is enough to keep you in the record of what is happening around you: you pay close attention to the small details and that is vital!

It is possible that the people around you do not understand very well that they are in front of one of the greatest geniuses that exist. One of your main skills is to pass your exams without just studying: “How do you do this?” Some may wonder. You cannot give them an answer, but deep inside you know that you do not need to prepare something to have extensive knowledge of it. There is no doubt that your future is full of success… Work hard and you will have Einstein’s Intellectual Coefficient!

Number 3

There are people who are not born precisely with an amazing intelligence, but thanks to hard work, effort and endless study days they can develop incredible skills. You are these type of person. As you well know, dedication is the key to success: when you were young, while other children had a good time, you stayed at home watching documentaries and increasing your knowledge, reading scientific journals and even appreciating the greatest discoveries of some of the geniuses important in history.

There is no doubt that you are a great person. With the passage of time, you have learned to handle all kinds of situations, since your past experiences have helped you to know more the world around you. Many of those around you praise and acknowledge your work: if they have a problem do not doubt that they will count on you to solve it quickly. Even if you’re a little lonely sometimes, you’re one of the best friends they can have.

Number 4

This section defines people who are clever by nature. They are called “relaxed geniuses,” meaning they can have everything they want or solve the most difficult issues with a simple snap of their fingers. For them, nothing is impossible, and that may be due to the fact that if they are challenged they could reach the high number of 160 points in their IQ. If you have chosen this answer, you will probably have realized that it costs you nothing to be a master in any science or art.

While some of your close friends spend endless days studying in the library and wiring their brains to get the best grades possible, you just need to take a look at your notes to reach success. Your motto is: “If you want, you can”, and that applies to your daily life. Your talent is overwhelming, so much so that you could even present yourself to some television contests: with a little luck, you could take the final prize!