The Tasks and Gifts given to each of the Zodiac Signs

For Aries

I give the seed first of all to you, so that you may plant it. Every seed you plant will give birth to a million more. Your task shall be to take seed that your plant produces – and spread it further, so more plants may grow. You will not have the chance to watch and help the plant blossom – nor is that your job. You are merely the planter – you place the ideas I give you into the minds of other people. To help you unto this end, I bestow upon you the gift of self-esteem.

For Taurus

Your task shall be to nourish and nurture the seed and help it blossom into a plant. This is not a task for the impatient, and you must see to it that you finish what has been started, or the seeds will go to waste. To help you be successful, I bestow upon you the gift of strength.

For Gemini

You exist to raise questions in front of the world, so that in their quest to find answers, they may find themselves. I grant you all the questions that are without answers. To help you do this, I bestow upon you the gift of knowledge.

For Cancer

Your mission shall be to teach humans the art of living with their emotions. You shall live your life bringing joy and sorrow to people. Make them laugh and cry, so they may reflect and develop better characters. To help you in your task, I bestow upon you the gift of family.

For Leo

You are to use your abilities to display My Creation to the world. Remember! It is my creation and not yours, and should you forget that, the world will laugh at you. If you do as I say, I shall grant you the gift of honor.

For Virgo

Your task is to keep watch over how mankind treats My Creation. You shall scrutinize their conduct and correct them should they falter from the path of righteousness. To help you with this task, I grant you purity of thought.

For Libra

Your mission is service. Your actions will remind humans of their duty to their fellow men. This will teach them teamwork and help them consider the consequences of their actions. To help you fulfill this mission, I give you the gift of Love.

For Scorpio

Your mission is not easy. You shall have the ability to know what men hide in their hearts, but you will not be permitted to speak of it. There will be occasions when you will be hurt by what people have in their hearts, and it might cause you to be disillusioned with me. Remember, it is not I, who causes this pain but my task. Why have I granted you this task if it is so difficult? I have done this so you may find your gift of purpose through this unveiling of humanity.

For Sagittarius

Your task is to make people laugh. Sometimes, when people misunderstand my ideas, they tend to turn bitter. The laughter you bring to them will restore cheer and help them return to me. For this, I grant you an infinite abundance of joy.

For Capricorn

I ask that you toil hard so that others may see you and be inspired to do the same. To make your load lighter, I grant you the infinite abundance of joy.

For Aquarius

Your task shall be to conceptualize the future so others may understand it clearly and with the same keenness of vision as you. For this, I give you the gift of Freedom.

For Pisces

Your mission, Pisces, is the most challenging one. You must gather the world’s sorrows and return them to me. These sorrows arise when people misunderstand My Plan. To help you with this, I give you the gift of Understanding.

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