The 1 Movie You Must Watch (Based On Your Zodiac)

How many times have you tried to choose a movie and ended up doing nothing instead? Regardless of what types of movies you like, it’s always a problem when you’re overwhelmed with just too many choices. But, what if we made this a bit easier and revealed the movies you should watch according to your zodiac sign?

The next time you plan to have a movie night you can have a look at our list of film options you will undoubtedly love. Here’s a look at the best movie picks for your star sign!

Aries should watch “Fight Club”

Aries has got to be one of the most intense signs out there. These fiery and passionate individuals are overwhelming at times, but they put their whole heart and soul into everything they do. When it comes to entertainment, an Aries chooses movies that have as high energy as they do. They tend to pick movies that are fast-paced from the beginning, rather than waiting for a story to slowly unfold. This is why “Fight Club” would be the perfect pick for them.

Taurus should watch “Breakfast Club”

If you’re a Taurus, it’s all about comedy movies that can make you laugh and forget about your problems. Or a good drama with a protagonist who has a well-developed emotional backstory. As the animal that represents this sign, the Taureans are creative people who put comfort, beauty and material pleasures on first place. So, for these individuals, a classic movie like The “Breakfast Club” is a must!

The 1 Movie You Must Watch (Based On Your Zodiac)

Gemini should watch “Inception”

f you were born under the sign of Gemini, you’re quite affectionate, generous, ever-curious, trying to experience everything the world has to offer. As such, this sign regularly enjoys action movies with an intellectual twist and something to keep their attention for two hours. Furthermore, they really enjoy being puzzled by the end of the movie so much they can’t stop thinking about it. Therefore, “Inception” is an excellent movie that will surely grab their fullest attention!

Cancer should watch “Amelie”

As a Cancer, you’re a highly intuitive and deeply emotional person. You are one of the most challenging signs to get to know as you’re always guarded due to fear of getting hurt. You don’t have a problem watching anything, but the more drama and romance the better. You don’t care too much about movies with shootings, dead bodies or blood. So, a wise choice would be to leave Hollywood for a moment and pick a European movie like the colorful “Amelie”.

Leo should watch “I Am Legend”

Leos are generally very affectionate and warmhearted, but they can be a little superficial and self-centered sometimes. These individuals absolutely love dramatic explosions and other special effects. A movie packed with action would certainly appeal to these individuals. So, our movie suggestion for this star sign is the popular “I Am Legend”. It will be enough to encapsulate every Leo.

Virgo should watch “The Lord of The Rings”

If you’re a Virgo, you’re probably an analytical and practical person who enjoys science-fiction, thrillers, and documentaries. These individuals often find the deepest satisfaction in movies rich in detail. They will choose a fictional story over a real one any day, in order to get away from their daily issues. As a Virgo, you would love to analyze how to save the world or sacrifice for the greater good with the “Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring”.

Libra should watch “Before Sunrise”

Most commonly represented by the scales, you’re a hopeless romantic who is continually guided by balance, harmony, and justice. Libras love to search for a pleasurable escape from reality. Even though most Libra representatives understand relationships better than anyone, they are puzzled by senses that lead to them. So, as a sentimental sign, your perfect movie night wouldn’t be complete without “Before Sunrise”.

Scorpio should watch “Ocean’s 11”

Those who belong to the clan of Scorpio are passionate, mysterious with a dark sense of humor. Their favorite genres include superhero movies, thrillers, and murder mysteries. They’re usually able to find humor in a good “murder resolved” story. As a Scorpio, you also take really big pleasure in sitting at the edge of your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. Therefore, you’d certainly like to watch “Oceans 11”.

Sagittarius should watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Sagittariuses are adventurers who seem tough on the outside, but deep inside they’re very soft and gentle. These individuals understand the true purpose of movies – to separate us from our own reality and help us develop a new perspective. They are most satisfied with an intriguing story with a twist at the end, something to give a purpose to the entire movie. So, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or something along those lines would be their go-to movie.

Capricorn should watch “The Butterfly Effect”

Capricorns don’t concern themselves with romantic plot without actual circumstance and would like to see something with a deeper meaning behind the superficial layer of action. These individuals constantly find themselves in an endless game of action and consequence. They strive to accept the circumstances, which enables them to let go of control and battles that are lost in advance. And we have just the movie for them: “The Butterfly Effect”

Aquarius should watch “The Fifth Element”

Aquarians are usually known as intelligent, eccentric and artistic humanitarians. You are a big movie buff, oftentimes intrigued by real-life stories, art, history or anything with science-fiction, supernatural, fantasy. Your mind is in constant search for puzzles that speak of a higher purpose or something to save the entire human race. You completely abhor anything that is mindless. Romantic movies or chick flicks are an absolute no. But, the science-fiction action film “The Fifth Element” is a must for you!

Pisces should watch “Silver Linings Playbook”

As a Pisces, you are compassionate, loving, intuitive and wise beyond your years. As long as you’re going to watch a movie with your family or friends, you don’t care much about the genre. However, your sensitivity won’t allow much aggression on screen without consequences to your subconscious world. Pisces regularly consider movie time as therapy. So, the sensitive Pisces would enjoy watching a romantic comedy-drama like “Silver Linings Playbook”.