These 11 Traits Make You One Of The Most Rare People On This Planet

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Some people in this world are very different than the majority, and suchpersons are very rare to find. They are also known as the advocates for the world, and they make up less than 1% of the world population!

The advocates of the world are individuals who belong to the INFJ personality type. Such people who are gifted enough to carry the traits of an INFJ are truly special and fortunate. They are born on this planet for the very special purpose to aid the advancement of society and their work is already underway.INFJs are ideal to guide the mass into the global shift of consciousness.They are idle visionaries and their lifework is leaving a monumental impact on humanity!

INFJ’s were put here to guide the rest of society into a much brighter future, away from the darkness of ignorance, and castnew light onto the powers of human awareness and spirituality. These people are born with a profound sense of new idealism and reality. They are naturally mature, responsible, and highly intuitive. It is as if these peopleareinnately giftedwith a sense of knowing the rest of societyneeds to achieve only through continuous cases of trial and error. INFJ’s are able to establish a much deeper connection with others. They are warm and speak with sensitivity and compassion for their close ones. Their generosity allows them to take care of other people’s feelings, and they are simply unable to hurt anyone.

The Advocates of The World aren’t exactly sure initially of what their true potential is, but they do know they have the potential of achieving great things and are different from the average mass. Do you believe you too possess an INFJ personality type? If you are, you will surely notice one of the following11 signs in your personality!

  1. ExtraordinarySense OfPrioritizing

You were born with an exceptionally developed sense of priority. This sense allows you to be quite aware of what’s truly important in not only yours,but in other people’s lives too. You are constantly searching for the things that matter in life like people to love, meaningful experiences and memories, forming deep relations and incorporating positivity, together with realism, into your daily life.

  1. High Intuition

You possess a sharp sense of intuition. The universe sends you messages through your gut and you simply know it. You are able to focus on your intuition to help guide you along the right path in this ever so manipulative world today. INFJ’s do not let materialistic objects or worldly things be the guide of their life. They simply place no real value in these things.

  1. You Have Only Few Close Friends

INFJ’s have a noticeableaversionfor fake people. They are repulsed by the very idea of having manyfalserelations with others. Instead, they prefer to have only a few close friends they can really count on. INFJ’s are most likely to be introverted personality types because they differ so much fromother people.

  1. Empathy Is Something That Comes NaturalTo You

The advocates of the worldare also people with strong empathy. They have the gift of reading of other people’s energies. Whenever something’s wrong, they can sense it even if someone puts on their best fake happy face. They also absorb easily the emotions of others and it can be just as much of a curse as a blessing too. Hence, they can become overwhelmedwith negative emotions sometimes.

  1. Your Wish Is To Change The World

Most obvious of all, the Advocates of the world are here to change the world. They intend to overcome every weakness of our society and so they are constantly teaching other peopleof their true potential. The INFJpersonality typesstrongly believe that this world can be improvedand they never give up in their quest.

  1. The Inability ToSettle Down

The INFJ personality type makes these people unable to settle down. The INFJ’s are persistentlyeager beaver. These peoplewill never wait around and rest because they are always on a mission to improve something.

  1. Contradictory Thinking

If you’re another member of the INFJ category of people you might have very contradictory and sometimes conflicting thoughts. INFJ’s understand more than they realize so they are forced to second guess almost every thought that comes on their mind. They involuntarily perceive things from different perspectives and it causes them to have a very paradoxical way of thinking.

  1. You Are A Good Writer

You might also be skilled in writing quite well. You enjoy writing the old-fashioned way with pen and paper and really express your point placedon the sheet. Your writing style is vivid and clear and has the quality to captivate your readers, although you probably keep all your writings to yourself.

  1.  You AreAble To SeeThe Big Picture

The INFJ’s are born with a natural sense of knowing that goes expands farther than their worldly knowledge. These are able to see the big picture, thetruemeaning of life. These are the types of people whodo not get involvedin petty arguments because they are constantly focusing on the big picture. They also do not loose courage when it comes to the materialistic aspects of life.

  1. You Wish To Teach Others, But Never Do

Another blessing of the INFJ’s are their exceptional teaching skills. When they speak, these people are able to hold the attention of an audience and they always teach significant things. However, not wanting to appear as a narcissist, they typically deter from giving any advice. It might even be because they are aware others are too stuck in their own concepts to actually take the INFJ’s wisdom into account.

  1. You Love With The Utmost Passion

The love of INFJ’s is like no other love. These people passionately engage in nourishing valuable relationships. They are actually very trustful persons, but you shouldn’t take their trust for granted, as it’s not easy to gain it. Sometimes INFJ’s are somewhathesitant to let people insidetheir private world. However, once you make it there you will quickly realizeit was worth all of your efforts! INJSs are some of the best life companions.