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These 11 Traits Make You One Of The Most Rare People On This Planet

  1. ExtraordinarySense OfPrioritizing

You were born with an exceptionally developed sense of priority. This sense allows you to be quite aware of what’s truly important in not only yours,but in other people’s lives too. You are constantly searching for the things that matter in life like people to love, meaningful experiences and memories, forming deep relations and incorporating positivity, together with realism, into your daily life.

  1. High Intuition

You possess a sharp sense of intuition. The universe sends you messages through your gut and you simply know it. You are able to focus on your intuition to help guide you along the right path in this ever so manipulative world today. INFJ’s do not let materialistic objects or worldly things be the guide of their life. They simply place no real value in these things.

  1. You Have Only Few Close Friends

INFJ’s have a noticeableaversionfor fake people. They are repulsed by the very idea of having manyfalserelations with others. Instead, they prefer to have only a few close friends they can really count on. INFJ’s are most likely to be introverted personality types because they differ so much fromother people.

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