Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best Dads Ever? Here They Are,Ranked From Best To Worst

Many men today are fathers, but it takes some special qualities in order to be an amazing dad.

What makes a great dad? Is it the man who works hard all day and comes home to spend time with their kids?Or does your image of a good father represents that stay-at-home type who is comfortable changing diapers and taking turns at night feeding the baby?

There are many different ways to define fatherhood, but that doesn’t mean that all men will be good dads — at least not how a child really needs. A child needs a dad who is loving,fun, nurturing and protective.

A lot goes into being a good and loving parent, and some of those things come naturally to guys who’ve always dreamed of becoming the type of dad that makes their child happy and proud.

Anyone can become a father, but some Zodiac signs have the natural gift of being great dads. Being the greatest dad a child can have is an innate ability to these horoscope personalities. These dads may have been born with more feminine energies in certain houses of their natal charts.

Ormaybe, their zodiac signs are Cancer or Taurus, who’s always dreamed of having children one day.

Sure, some zodiac signs value their liberty and independence, but these horoscope personality types have been dreaming of being a caretaker and good provider to a child who bears their own name.

If you’recurious to learn what kind of a man is most suitable to have kids with, astrology can give you a good description of the personalities of other people, so it can definitely tell you what zodiac signs make the best fathers.

Not everyone is into starting or having a family, by the way. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, only 6% of the U.S. citizensages 18-40 do not have and don’t want to havekids.

That still leaves 94% of the American women who already have, or want to give birth to a child someday. The important thing to know is what’s really important in any child’s life? The answer to that question is quite simple – having a good father.

If you’re a woman who plans on raising kids someday, of course, you’ll want to be certain the man you share this experience with is a father material. And if you’re a guy who’s wondering if you have what it takes to be a parent, search for yourself on this list of the zodiac signs who make the best fathers — and the ones to whom that role doesn’t fit so naturally.

#1: CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns were born to be a father — it is their true calling. As a father, the Capricorn person likes to teach their children by his own example. This type of dad wantshis children to be hard-working, diligent, educated, and responsible. Capricorn dads are always looking for new ways to educate their children, whether it may be traditional forms of teaching or creative techniques.

As much as you want to provide your children with all the good things in life, you know not to spoil them too much. You also believe in the importance of letting your children learn on their own. Even if that means more effort and time to realize that 2×2 equals 4, you want your children to be independent persons and be able to make their own decisions.

#2: TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus people aresome of the most affectionate parents ever. As a father, it’sessential to a Taurus dadthat their kids feel safe and secure. You want your children to understand the importance and value of family.

You’re always trying to find new, creative to bring everyone in the family together. You show great deal of patience with your children, and hardly ever raise your tone at them. Your children especially love your loyalty to them, and know that you’ll support them in any type of situation and problem.

#3: GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

As a father, it’s important to a Gemini that his children maintain an excellent physical and mental health. Hence, rather than coming home from the grocery store with frozen pizzas and chocolate cookies, you prefer a healthier approach to preparing your children’s meals.

Together with that, the Gemini dadmotivateshis children to participate in sports or any other kind of physical activity that keeps theirbody fit and minds occupied. You want to pass on your entire knowledge to your children, and you believe in the importance of cultural education.

#4: CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer dads value family time above all else. These are the type of dads who love to cherish family traditions, whether it’sgoing to the movies, visiting the zoo or playing board games. You want all the members of your family to get together in the comfort of your home.

However, sometimes your children might see you as a bit too involved in their own lives. So, if you want your children to enjoy spending quality time with the family, it’s important that you respect their privacy just as much.

#5: SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

One of the biggest concerns a Scorpio father has is keeping hiskids involved and occupied. You want your kids to be social and outgoing persons, so you’re always encouraging them to participate in as many extracurricular activities as they can.

Scorpio dads believe that a busy child is a happy child, so they are always supporting them to pursue their hobbies and interests. Even though the Scorpios want what’sbest for their kids, they might think of them as being too controlling from time to time. So, if your kids don’t feel like going to the poetry club one day, it’s quite fine to give them alittle break.

#6: PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

The Pisces’ parenting legacy is focused strongly on creative freedom and meaningful expression. Whatever areas may interest your children, the Pisces dad is here to do whatever he can to help them explore it and develop it as much as they can. One of thegreatest values to a Pisces is being kind to other people.

By watching their dad, the children of a Libra learn how to be kind to others and show respect to everyone in their life. While the Libra’s intentions as a dad are remarkably noble and selfless, sometimes they forget to add structure and discipline to their parenting. The Pisces dad should wary no to be too lenient with his kids. Sometimes it’salright and healthy to say no to them every now and then.

#7: LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The children’s needs are everything to a Libra dad. Whatever his children need, the Libra dad will provide them without any hesitation. What Libra fathers values a lot in the family surrounding is that there are no secrets. He wantshischildren to be able to open up to their dad about any subject. Because you’re so concerned with your children’s needs, sometimes it’s hard for you to say no to things that may not even be necessary.

Little Timmy wants the iPhone 10? You’ll get it for him first thing in the morning. Because the Libra is so willing to give, it’s easy for them to become grumpy and even resentful when their kids don’t do the same for you. A Libra dad needs to learn not to expect so much from his children while they are still young. Know that they do love you, but sometimes don’t expect them to reciprocate yourloveexactly how you want them to.

#8: ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

It is in the Aries’ nature to bepassionate, confident and a great leader. Without a doubt, the passion and determination of this zodiac sign are bound to be the basis for your children’s success. The Aries’ childrencould learn from their dad how to be humble, independent, and goal-oriented persons.

On the other hand, sometimes the Aries letshis stubbornness get the best of them. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary drama and fighting in the home, and if the Aries fatheris not careful, it can damage heavily his relationship with his children. The Aries needs to learn to be a little more patient and tolerant, and his kids will respect and look up to their dad even more than they already do.

#9: VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Famous for keeping everything in the house neat as a pin, a Virgo dad is the “take your shoes off in the house” kind of parent. In a house full of children, the Virgo dadwill always keepeverything and everyone clean and neat. This type of dad puts amajor emphasison chores and believes it teaches his kids to be responsible and accountable.

It’s true the Virgo people can be a bit of a neat freak, but still, they respect and value their children’s opinions and feelings. Which is why it’s advisable for a Virgo to make sure they are not overwhelming their kids with how attentive parents they are. Be careful not to be a little overbearing byasking them where they’ve been for the past couple of hours when they’re out with friends or always fixing a hair that’s out of place.

#10: LEO (July 23 – August 22)

The Leo people can be quiteimpulsive and indulgent at times. Just like any proud parent, the majestic Leo enjoys bragging about how amazing his children are. A Leo dad will spoil them endlessly, and do so without thinking twice. You want your children to have a better childhood than you did, and sometimes this may get you carried away by focusing on what you need instead of learning what your children need.

Being a Leo, you have many important lessons you could be teaching your kids, and perhaps this is what you should be more focused on instead of buying your boythat$100 pair of shoes he’s been begging for days. Tell him to wait until Christmas or his birthday.

#11: SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

It’s characteristicfor Sagittarius members to enjoy traveling and to be adventurous people. Andthey want their kids to be the same way. Sometimes they’ll even take extreme measures like pulling them out of school to take them camping or on a road trip.

Being a father can be difficult for a Sagittarius person you in this aspect. Namely, Sagittarius fathers want their kids to be culturally educated and see different countries and cultures, but they also have difficulties prioritizing and assuring they have what they need to be responsible grown-up persons. Oftentimes, a Sagittarius father loses sight of their role as a parent and falls into more of a friend role, which is good in the present moment, but may lead to larger personal issues on the long run.

#12: AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Sometimes as a father, the Aquarius feels like they need to be theirkid’s best friend. These zodiac membersare easygoing, calm, and sometimes can manifest emotional detachment, but when it comes to raising a child, it’s not always easy to be that way. The whole truth is that not everyone has the real package of abilities and talentsto be the best parent ever, and that’sperfectly fine – all people make mistakes. Luckily with kids, they recoverpretty fast.

Final conclusion

Kids need and crave emotional support from their parents, and without it, they can become insecure, depressed and immature persons or run into many obstacles in their lives. So, if you decide to raise children (or already have children) make sure you’re giving them your full love and respect as well as paying close attention to their genuine needs. Nothing in this world is more important to a child than their parent’s love, so stick in there and do your best in your role as a parent, and you’ll become your child’s hero.