You Are An Empath Because You Are A Starseed

It is only fear of what other people will think of you that keeps you from being who you really are in front of them. It is only your fear that keeps you from stepping into your rightful place.

And you were not afraid before you came here, but you stepped into a society full of fear, and as a Starseed, you were so empathic you took on that fear, and you must understand, Starseed, it is not yours.

You took it into your energy field from others around you, and they became so controlled by it that their vibrations were constantly sending it out, and you’ve got to be aware that you pick up on the vibrations of those around you, and that you adopted society’s fear as your own, but this is not your fear. This isn’t your truth.

You are fearless and courageous, and you need to be aware anytime you feel something other than fearlessness and courageousness. Look around you. Who is around you? And if you are alone, where are you? Who is nearby? Who is in the room next to you, in the house next to you? Who is near you? Even if the nearest person is a mile away, do not accept their fear, and do not believe that you are the one feeling it.

You are an empath because you are a Starseed. Understand you did not enter into this world with any fear. You came here with a fearlessness and a courageous heart. You knew your assignment, and you knew, without trying to believe it, you knew you would succeed.

You Are An Empath Because You Are A Starseed

You are succeeding now, you are breaking free of much karma, and there is much to be released from your body. Your physical body, your emotional body, and your mental body must release their toxins before you can step into your life’s purpose and mission. You are releasing toxins from previous lives here and on other planets, and many old feelings of failure, regret and loneliness may come up inside of you, but understand you are in the process of expelling those feelings.

Your light body is stepping forward and it is purging your mental, physical and emotional bodies of whatever is blocking you, and you feel those as they release, but again I tell you, you do not have fear to release.

The fear you feel is not yours. Look around you. Who is around you? Who are you picking up on, or whose energy have you soaked up?

You must realize when you are feeling something that you did not collect from your own experiences, you must realize when you are feeling something you have collected from someone else, you must allow these darker emotions to surface and release and you must protect yourselves so that you stop collecting so much negativity from the people around you.

Your energy is aware of all vibrations around it, and subconsciously, it wants to help the people around it. You are relieving them of what is ailing them, but by doing so you are not enabling them to walk through their own negativity and learn to release it and learn to feel their own positivity.

You have enough to deal with. You do not need to take on other peoples’ burdens. You need to cleanse your own self of your own negativity and allow your positive light to cleanse you of it. And that is what it wants to do and it is already doing it, but you must remember that you are not here to take on other peoples’ burdens as your own and hurt yourself in the process.

You are here to first cleanse yourself and then, then afterward, help to cleanse those around you, but not by taking into your own energy field what they are going through, but by teaching them to connect with their reality, by showing your own vibration and by making them aware of who they really are, of who they really could be.

You are here to help people find their own light. You are not here to take their darkness into yourselves. Protect your light. Don’t allow it to be dampened by the emotions and thoughts of others.

And part of the way to do that, the very first step in doing that is by realizing that those emotions come from outside sources. Call on your own light. Call on your higher self, the light being within you, to shed its light piercing every illusion that you have believed.

I promise you, you are on your way to defeating all illusion. You are on your way to overcoming everything you believed to have conquered you. It did not conquer you. You are the victor. You will be victorious over every form of darkness and over all illusion.

I am ending this message now, but I want you to know that, although it has been hard for you, it is only because of how important you are. There are so many things that want to try and stop you, because you have an important mission in life, but we are here to help you.

We are close friends. We are protecting you. We are uplifting you. We are teaching you ways to help yourself. We wish only for your betterment and we love you like our own children. You are our family. You are my family.