You Don’t Always End Up With The One You Love Because Life Has Other Plans For You

Oftentimes it is very hard to acknowledge that the one you love wants and needs different things than you do, and it becomes even more difficult to find a common ground in your relationship when that person obviously loves you too. At times, it may be really tempting to try to be content with sharing your life with this person- even it means settling in other important ways too. Still, eventually, each of us is forced to follow their own goals, desires, passions, and purposes in life, even if their accomplishment doesn’t take place for the next several years or decades.

You Don’t Always End Up With The One You Love Because Life Has Other Plans For You

Despite the hardship and pain of accepting this, the sooner you accept these facts the sooner your healing can begin.  Whenever two people are in a situation like this, both of them will be much happier and fulfilled in the long run if they start searching for someone who is able to provide them with what they truly need and desire as opposed to maintaining a relationship that, sad but true, is simply inadequate.  It may be tempting for you to hope for fate to turn things around – like in a good movie or a novel – and ultimately fix all your problems or change the other person, miraculously. However, it is often a far wiser decision to refuse every temptation rather than pursuing them.

In reality, not every relationship evolves as perfectly as in romantic movies or novels. But by taking matters into your own hands and becoming the master of your own life and happiness, that happily ever after the scenario is quite possible to achieve.  Once you have the right perspective, it is almost impossible not to acknowledge all the love this world has to offer you every single day. Perceiving life in such a way requires you to realize that your past experiences, memories, and love, and are all greatly important regardless of whether the people and relationships you engage with do remain in your life or not.

We all need to accept the fact that all of the aforementioned things have contributed to changing us into the AMAZING persons we are TODAY, and that gives them their huge significance and true value. Even more, all those things have affected how we perceive life and the person who we really want to love and spend the rest of our lives with. Having said that, it is obvious that you should appreciate your past and acknowledge its impact on your present and future. Nevertheless, make sure you put great focus on your own evolving for the future, meaning focusing mainly on taking action in the present moment for your short term and long term happiness, love, and peacefulness.

The main point is, you don’t always end up with the person you love. However, this is more than okay though, granted that life has other (possibly even better) plans for you so it is much better to have someone loved and lost them than to have never experienced love at all.

Just be sure to keep your heart open and continue loving the people around you. It is totally worth it!